Wednesday, 28 September 2011


I was thinking what to give my moon cousin on her birthday .... I want some thing online for her because shes mashala In the same moment I received a msg from M my bro wife it was ...GIFTALICIOUS Luxury hand-made gifts created to impress ... And I order that ....

I love itttt but i love to add my tiger touch to be more miratigermood gift ;)

I added Tiger baloon & card only And sent to moon om 7amoon aka dustyrose after she took this amazing pix from her Canon camira and sure she will post also at

الحمدلله عجبها وعجبني ٣ في ١ ( ككاو وورد وكوكي ويصير هدية مكان الككاو) + توصيل وخدمة نازكة من صاحبة المشروع اتوقع اللي كلمتها والله يوفقها