Thursday, 15 September 2011

Me tiggering #1

Many from my tiger&co friends asking me why u didnt post any from ur tiger collection ?! So today mira feels soo tigermood after lots of food posts And trying to pic whats tiger around me now Wich I collected from 2000 to 2011 hope my dimond will continue after me... I wish all tiger lovers love my tiger closet and leave a tiger comment if need any tigeration also u can send me any tiger things u buy by email .... My second wish I want in the futur inshala when I be professional blogger to sell any thing tigermood thru my blog as acharity to help sick tigers and name it the tiger shopbop and near that shop tiger cupcake shop tigerles same taste sprinkles also mybe tigerkids erea if there is space to paint tiger pictures and games.... Lets dream tigers dream to make my blog TIGER net museum and ppl pray for me الله يعافي ميرا tiger loooool *tiger fever fini halwasa alyom chena "

Sorry my pics today look like wahahahahahahahaha