Thursday, 15 September 2011

Me tiggering the mood #2

Tawni ala7eth most of my tiger collection gifts mashala , so'3a and neg9a mybe lama eshofon shy tiger yathkeroni alla yathker alkel bel kheer inshala The secret of tiger u will feel younger when u wherehis skin younger "look and mood"  Enjoy my tigermood and if u dont enjoy its ok mybe also me dont like ur mood bye ...& plz dont anoy my cutie lovely tiger( in arabic لاتضايقونه)because he dont like to use his sharp nsils n teeth he loves all  Enjoy....

I love my old bold 3 times i took it hospital cant change it and wait for unique gel skin and transfare thing again wish a long life inshala habeeby 

New mqueen winter jacket for my BB from aunty pj

From my little boy