Sunday, 18 September 2011

Missoni Mood

Yesterday Was a mission impossible day 7 hours avinusing But Im happy to went with Mash to Msn birthday and saw missoni 3abayaaa by DAS a7la 3abaya bel 3alam ... so after msn& missoni I feeling missoning mood to posting that

My twin in tigermood bloggermood burgermood neighbor mood sagitarius mood 

Lill Sisster mood nicer missoni koftan

Siss missoni bands

Siss missoni shoes look like Toms shoes

My missoni koftan

My missoni blackberry

Mira missoni heads

My havaianas by missoni

My Missoni charity bag from uk my pink siss country thanQ p&j I love it so me for avinus and discovery ;)*****  Missoni hearts 

My massa by missoni 

Massa missoni pasta

Missoni by sami loooooool

Missoni by Target us every nice things sold out ..... I like home accessories