Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Sagittaruises of last week

"D" my lovely couisn celebrated her birthday twice in dubai 23.11 real day & now kuwait with laduree esphahan cake from her sweet friend "R" xoxo

Shes wearing tigermood ;)

Happy national day U.A.E

My fav country sagittaruises also like me ... Thats why we r close friends ;)*

Now craving pancake !

الشيطان زاير النزهة اليوم ويبي ينهي حياةالرجيم
Im pancake lovers ... Icant stop thinking every morning abt it

I love costa our lovely maid pancake .. Best pancake ever ماشالله
I will post her pancake soon ...xxOo

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hungry bunny #fail

I called delivery express they said: we cant go to aljahraaa without hungry bunny number no body have it our driver will lost ! Also its cost 7 kd delivery ..too much i think for food will cost around 10 kd only ! ... After He told me madam there is hungry bunny hawalli u want? Me: its fake bunny looool thank you no need to try it
الله مو كاتب

My dream tonight#3

By pinko

I will add it to my gifts wish list ;) also baby things i want itttt

Hungry bunny back

My friendsD&H "friends" went to it today guess where they found it !!!! Aljahraaaaa الجهراء
And they said its yummy same befor our childhood memories. ( super bunny ) follow this directions if want to go its acopy paste from one girl went there by her self ( ​Emshay min el rabi3 seeeeda lamma eyyech sign el jahra o salmi, jiddamich jisir roo7ay min ta7ta awwal shay elif feech yimeen le'anna feeh taslee7at ba3deen lifay yisar dashat el jahra, ba3deen etyeech el ma6afy 3ala yimeenich ba3deen dawwar eb wayhich takhtheen awwal laffa yimeen ba3deen seeda ba3deen u turn ra7 eseer 3ala yimeenich Sa7ari Mall, u turn ba3deen awwal yimeen, ba3deen dawwar thany eb wayhich ham yimeen, ra7 ekoon 3ala yimeenich, gbal Hungry Bunny soog esma elwazeer)

I feel dizziness and car sickness from the address also our driver mybe will be the same if i send him so i decided to call tomorrow delivery express 22499996 ... ThnQ dalol for ur suggestion ... And thanQ Hanan to let me know .... I wish they have kids meal to suprise my kids lunch time I think my little boy will be happy with hungry bunny :)
انشالله اصور البيرجر سوبر بني في بيتنا ;)
Wait for super post inshala

والحمدلله على كل نعمة في الكويت الله لايغير علينا من نعمة صغيرة وكبيرة لازم نحمد ونشكر ربنا وبس !

Sagittaruises of the day

Happy birthday "M"
Love ur wild cake from lovely ones

Gluten free Day

Its my healthy day but its not me I love gluten and carbs my best friends i cant eat without them but alraha good for skinny ppl to be skinny for ever this the number enjoy its yummy organic food :) 22549107 located at alqadsia super market ...

شيشة و منقوشة

عربي موود ...

لمحبين المناقيش اللبنانية هذي تشكيلة طلبنا أمس حقنا وحق بيت ييرنا عيد ميلاد بنتهم ومشتهية تجرب المنقوشة بدون شيشة ؛) جان أطلب لها منه انشالله عجبها بنت ييرانا المحتفى بها xoxoxoxo

أنواع المنقوشات ( زعتر حامض لمحبين الحموضة / جبن حلوم مالح لمحبين الملوحة/ بيتزا مارغريتا يسمونها اللبنانين بالمطعم مو مارجريتا لمحبين

المارغريتات/ منقوشة زلابيا يسمونها عشان فيها

جبن و عسل/ و كان في نوتيلا بس اختفت من

الوجود قبل التصوير اسم الله عليهم عيالي

كلوها ماخلوني اصورها مسكينه حق الدعاية عاد

كانت alwinner و يصيير نطلبها بالموز / و في

شاورما رول لحم او دجاج / هذا طلبنا وعندهم

مناقيش ثانية ما طلبناها عشان الدايت ما يصيير

كل الانواع بس انواع معينة يصيير وهذا رقمهم

25722607 بالسالمية القديمة مثل ما يسمونها

Ivanka in the city

Today ivanka tigermood & posting from closet candy shop its real in the city ;) near alsal7ya cute shop for cute ppl ... I like the multi brands they have like kain,siwy denim ,winter kate and my fav Gold saturn turband I bought the velvet one from brush salon the selling same brand turbands ...

Marble slab alnuzha

My new love .... Marble slab welcome to our super market ...

Try my mix ( birthday cake flavour icecream+ redvelvet cake) yummy in a tummy

My kids mix ( chocolate icecream+ vanilla + cookies dough) they said yummi

We like to eat ice cream in winter we r creamery family :)))

My dream gifts list #2

this is my dream list last nite for ma bday Zzzz
aham shy pb 7alamt fee