Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hungry bunny back

My friendsD&H "friends" went to it today guess where they found it !!!! Aljahraaaaa الجهراء
And they said its yummy same befor our childhood memories. ( super bunny ) follow this directions if want to go its acopy paste from one girl went there by her self ( ​Emshay min el rabi3 seeeeda lamma eyyech sign el jahra o salmi, jiddamich jisir roo7ay min ta7ta awwal shay elif feech yimeen le'anna feeh taslee7at ba3deen lifay yisar dashat el jahra, ba3deen etyeech el ma6afy 3ala yimeenich ba3deen dawwar eb wayhich takhtheen awwal laffa yimeen ba3deen seeda ba3deen u turn ra7 eseer 3ala yimeenich Sa7ari Mall, u turn ba3deen awwal yimeen, ba3deen dawwar thany eb wayhich ham yimeen, ra7 ekoon 3ala yimeenich, gbal Hungry Bunny soog esma elwazeer)

I feel dizziness and car sickness from the address also our driver mybe will be the same if i send him so i decided to call tomorrow delivery express 22499996 ... ThnQ dalol for ur suggestion ... And thanQ Hanan to let me know .... I wish they have kids meal to suprise my kids lunch time I think my little boy will be happy with hungry bunny :)
انشالله اصور البيرجر سوبر بني في بيتنا ;)
Wait for super post inshala

والحمدلله على كل نعمة في الكويت الله لايغير علينا من نعمة صغيرة وكبيرة لازم نحمد ونشكر ربنا وبس !