Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Life N style

 WELCOME BY tigermood @theirishouse

Yesterday I went with my blog helper N & enjoyed the expo ....

كنا نمشي ونسلم ماشالله :))) ما صورت إلا الناس اللي حبيت لبسهم + الاشياء اللي الفتت نظري

olympialetan @4conceptstore  corner

@4conceptstore  corner

@HR xx

@ricamo sooo pretty 

@jalmuraikhi xx


@zamalek art gallery

headpiece love it but forgot @ who?? :(
@nailsandcospa xx

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Cirque de glace in Q8

Wanasaaa I will take my kids

Monday, 21 January 2013

The drezz

the drezz designer 

I Was waitting for my drezz lanvin shirt to to complete the post but my 2013 wish list didnt complete yet ( I wnt the lanvin Tiger face necklace ) thnQ suha I love ur I your style to attract customers so sweet of u to invite all bloggers with all ur Customers in one event to celebrate the brand launching ( good luck الله يوفقچ)

Also I loved your instagram posts You didnt forget anyone with ur lovely comments xx

my twin 
me at razza instagram :)




Little pretty event yesterday hosted by pltq8 at altilal complex I went with my diamond to met the real Fyunka girl from KSA after a week of #fyunkaGirlGoestoKuwait in instagram so creative idea by Nouf ;)



I BOUGHT IT 11.5 kd :))) بچم لو سمحتي؟


Thursday, 17 January 2013


Hacci team

HACCI HONY SOAP has been more richly made it provides excellent foaming and washing effects than you probably have never experienced before your life .
Its a japanese craft and the sercret of japanese beauty .

and I was invited to pretty petals nail spa to see hacci products & I LOVED the diamond shape box its beautiful for wedding or party gifts ( for my diamond wedding inshala ) ;)

for more info about hacci check  or check  instagram @prettypetalsnailspa


Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Kenzo story

ME & my kenzo cover 

ThanQ my childhood & Neighborhood friend BK for the best iPhone cover I used...
 I saw it by instagram mention from my cousin Ivanka & in the same moment I remembered that u r in dubai and I sent u whats app : BK I want this cover if u find it msg me...... within 15 Minutes (mashalla )
U Bought it for me ( wanasa ) love u

So sad that kuwait kenzo not ordered tigerfever collection I think its Sweeter Collection throughout kenzo life :/ (za3lana menhom)

The funny things my tail cover arrived in the same day :))) from

rihamia mention :)))

BLACK my 2013 color after red year 2012

the tail cover :)))) 

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hermes mood

Model of the day Miratigermood and her matchy cappuccino :)

       Breakfast with Beautiful girls at meem cafe alhamra mall

D purple blue mood thnQ for the pretty bf just like u xx

D sis mashalla we loved her new marline hermes bag after breakfast we went to hermes boutique in the same mall to ask if we can order the same bag :)))) the answer as usual : noo sorry no orders , waiting list,, etc
inside hermes :)

hermes tiger 

one tiger mood girl ;) with her cousin R xx



Lovely day at someday cafe located near alsalhia complex with some friends I love  ...
first we picked our food after we went to the picnic and enjoyed the beautiful weather plus view 

some floral chair I LIKED ( so shara7a)

some sandwiches ,salads,soup,drinks 

my soup

SOME YUMMMM ( I tried the choco pudding so home style )

the best thing was this bas booooosa must try 

some fun things inside someday my diamond favorite stuff

ready to picnic me + alnoury + pinkgirl+abla nora 

                                                           THE PICNIC

                                                                     shwaikh beach

my twin xx

khawla kite mood :)* thnQ for the invitation