Sunday, 3 February 2013

Help Noor Rahman

Noor Rahman, a 17-years-oldPakistani girl living with her family in Kuwait, was diagnosed in January 2012 with Leukemia. She underwent chemotherapy sessions, seemed to be getting better, but then she had a relapse in December 2012 and is now admitted to the hospital since 10 January 2013 and needs a bone marrow transplant.

None of her family members were a match for the bone marrow, and in Kuwait and Pakistan they don’t perform bone marrow transplants from non-relative donors. The only hope for Noor is to be treated abroad in Europe or USA with a bone marrow donor which is a very expensive procedure that is also painful and lengthy. The estimated cost of Noor’s treatment is around KD 50,000.
Noor's family doesn't have that kind of money and were hoping that we can spread the word in our blogs, twitter, facebook, and instagram so that maybe someone will come forward and sponsor Noor's treatment. She’s only 17. She should be dreaming about graduation, signing the yearbook, saying good bye to her high school friends, and choosing a college to attend. She should not be suffering from cancer in a hospital bed with a treatment she cannot have because of money restrictions.
Noor's family set up a facebook page for her to help out
You can also have someone contact her family for more information. Her medical records are already attached with this email. You can contact her father Mr. Khalil Rahman on 97541718 or 99372164 or her mother Mrs. Shazia Rahman on 99372164 or her friend who emailed me Miss Abeer Sarwar 66152946.

الله يشافي نور وكل مريض يارب