Thursday, 11 December 2014

3rd of Dec

Inshalla Happy year ya rab ... 
والحمدلله على كل حال 
                    My tigermood gifts
                              Me #Tak.Ori

Saturday, 29 November 2014

HBD Habbosh

Welcome Sagittarius month xx

Monday, 20 October 2014

Pink mood

اللهم شافي وعافي كل المرضى  بشهر اكتوبر شهر التوعيه  - loved @re_kwt support  with the ( pink beet root juice ) 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Tigermood Shopping

  Rawrrr neverrr End xx 
           Charlotte  olypmia kids 

        Sophie hulme @ fenwick window 

                         mini ricky 

    Balmain skirt  so kim kardashian mood

                 markus lupfer xo

                    Marc by marc 


Friday, 29 August 2014

Via : M.G

Its a whatsapp from lovely Medawi alghanim (12 years ) &  I wish I can help more :( 

sorry to ruin such a lovely day, but I’m going to bring up the Grind since it’s August.
every year, the faroe islands kill thousands of endangered long-finned pilot whales for sport. it is considered a tradition that goes back to the 1500s and is carried out still today. it is called The Grind.
some argue ruining a tradition so old is immoral and disrespectful to those living there, but considering the endangerment of these animals and the brutality that takes place, it should be easy to say that a stop needs to be put to this.
long-finned pilot whales travel in nearby, warmer waters to give birth. those that take part in The Grind could care less that they are slaughtering, torturing, and ripping out fetuses from pregnant whales. 
what happens to the meat? some of it is divided up among the locals, yet most of it is left to rot on the beach. the meat is also quite poisonous due to pollutants in the water and is not considered okay for consumption.
WARNING: Gruesome Description
So how does an entire community manage to go out and kill pilot whales? Do they use harpoons like Japanese whalers, or large boats? No.
Boats go out to herd up the whales who are usually far from the shore area. They push them towards the shore in a similar way the infamous Taiji Cove does; by creating loud noises and vibrations in the water to get the whales in the direction they want. the whales are chased to shore, where they become stranded and trapped. Those that are not lead to shore are hooked near the blowhole and dragged.
then the community begins the slaughter. those that are stranded are stabbed with knives. Their veins and arteries are cut to prevent blood from reaching their heads. The process is not only gruesome and gory, but long. it can take 30 seconds to 5 minutes for a pilot whale to die. not only do the individual whales face this ordeal, but they are surrounded by family going through the same thing and are aware of everything that happens to them. 
children take part in this, often getting help from parents to slaughter the whales. they pose on dead carcasses for pictures and smile. others rip out the fetuses of the whales or continue mutilating them for enjoyment. 
This event is technically illegal, considering the species most often killed is endangered. However, the Faroese government allows it. 
Sea Shepherd is beginning to take part in ending it. They are going out this year to try and prevent the Grind from happening and bringing awareness to those performing the actions to understand that the cetaceans they are killing are fully aware of themselves, their family, and have the same emotions as humans and perhaps more. 
if you’d like to help, please sign petitions or support Sea Shepherd and other organizations to help bring this to an end.
This year, luckily, the presence of Sea Shepherd prevented the whaling from occurring. No whales have been killed this year.

To support the organization:

To sign the petition:

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Yellow mood

The best breakfast place for eggs lovers in london xx #Soho 
                  35 minutes Que 
              My fav benedict eggs 

          Scrmbled eggs for S 

      Fried eggs with vigi sausage for S

                       My  Yellow dior
                Yellow fusion 

Friday, 15 August 2014

Liberty TigerMood

Wild collection at liberty london I bought the animal print green silk scarf a gift for my birkin ( صوغه ) 

 So verrry tigermood rawrrrr 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Ramadan & Eid Mood

My  favourite  look  From 1/7 to 30/7/2014

During Ramadan & Eid days 

           From @myinstashop_kw
       From @myinstashop_kw
      From alostoura alsalhiya 
       From blaaq boutique altilal
    From Dior Dubai ( my helper Hind)xx

Sunday, 20 July 2014


اللهم بلغنا ليلة القدر وتقبل اعمالنا وارحم موتانا واشف مرضانا واحفظنا وسهل امورنا وارحمنا 

Welcome baby L

16/7/2014 new little cute girl named Latifa  joined our family                      الحمدلله على كل نعمه 

       Arrangment by : @ricamo
      Flowers by : @aunomdelarosekw
       Hospital :@royalehayat 
     vases & plates from: becarrels
     Icecream sticks : @Angaleto_kw
     Salted caramel bites by : @ornoyau
       Me& Massah by : @dolcegabbana

Friday, 20 June 2014


New Summer sunnies Special for @myinstashop_kw  Handmade by  creative Lebanese girl perfect for the pool & swimming mood  limited quantities 

                 Tigermood for Mira

Order by whatsapp 965- 97969022

Friday, 16 May 2014


One of the  interesting kids cloths shop and I hope that  I have size 2 to 5 years girl when I entered the shop ( melon ) located at discovey mall 
      Ripped jeanse for little boys 

                     Panda top #cute

         Tigermood dress #eshaweg

        Swimming mood section #loveit

                For girls from 2 to 14

             Boys 2 to 14 years

            My fav tigermood look xx

Instagram @melon_ku