Friday, 16 May 2014


One of the  interesting kids cloths shop and I hope that  I have size 2 to 5 years girl when I entered the shop ( melon ) located at discovey mall 
      Ripped jeanse for little boys 

                     Panda top #cute

         Tigermood dress #eshaweg

        Swimming mood section #loveit

                For girls from 2 to 14

             Boys 2 to 14 years

            My fav tigermood look xx

Instagram @melon_ku

Joori restaurant

My new hobby these days experience Lebanese restaurants , this is new restaurant located in jabria " جوري من بيروت '' loved the Arabian decor specially the Lighting ... Thank you for the privet invitation Danah Taqi  #6dt  

          Fatoosh bel taheena 10/10

          Cold & hot   Appetizers

       Bataat alset بطاط الست لذيذذذ

    Batataa harrah بطاطا حره love it & love the candle silver plate look likes dowa

         For eggplant lover its a must 

            Grilled haloomi yummi

       Mix grilled my fav was the kabab          ( wayd tarf ) 

      The sweetest part 20/10 ( eshtalia + joori cheese cake ) 

             تستاهل اصورها وايد  لانها صج ذوقي

         The end with  The speechless     cheesefull cake xxx 

Instagram @joori_restaurant 
Will open 22/5/2014 for breakfast , lunch & dinner ( will visit again sure for ramadan su7oor ) اللهم بلغنا رمضان