Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Berkeley Mood

Happy new year #2015 انشالله
والحمدلله على كل نعمه 

    The best Bf last 2 weeks at Home (
     Cream cheese with bagel or english        maffin with chai latte xx

      My best shopping site last 2 weeks ( shipping over night ) wanasssaaa I ordered all my boys wish list from amazon ;))) 

Best pizza in berkeley @ cheese plater with the rose lemonade 

       The best drinks Sanpellecrino Blood orange +   Peets Salted caramel mocha  & S.B ( chestnut praline ) so yumm 

   The End of my food mood with the best amirecan style Bf at bette's banana souffle & butter milk pancakes + Fat apple crispy waffles #فظيع

     Love berkeley streets & whole food